Study in Thailand

Thailand offers an excellent introduction to the splendors of Southeast Asia, here you’ll feel out of your comfort zone and right and home all at once taking courses in international relations and business in Southeast Asia, Buddhism in Thailand and more.

Why Study in Thailand

β€’ An educational climate that encourages and welcomes international education providers, from high school, universities, informal and higher education providers. There are literally hundreds of international schools in Bangkok alone offer both UK & US curriculum. β€’ Relative living cost is low compared to other major international cities. Between 2-5% cheaper than Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, between 85%-100% cheaper than Singapore, Tokyo or Hong Kong, approximately 100% cheaper than London, Sydney or New York. β€’ The chance to experience the rich diversity of Thailand is one of the most rewarding aspects of studying abroad at Thai universities and colleges. β€’ The strength of programs in these areas makes Thailand very attractive to students interested in ecology, biological and human communities, and international development. β€’ Thailand truly offers a remarkable experience for anyone who chooses to study abroad. From amazing life experiences, stunning natural environments, significant media industries and a culture that embraces the values of education. β€’ Thailand societies are revered for their friendliness and hospitality; forge genuine, life-long relationships. β€’ Scholarships opportunities for high achievers and talented students.

Admission Requirements:

β€’ University application Form. β€’ Copy of Valid Passport. β€’ Recognised qualification certificate(s) / Transcript(s). β€’ Please note that all academic documents should be attested from concerned bodies(e.g HEC, IBCC etc). β€’ One Picture. β€’ 2 Reference/Recommendation letters. β€’ English Language Test: IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT or university preferred Test. β€’ Essay:400 to 500 words on a topic of your choice. β€’ Experience Letter(if applicable) β€’ Resume(if applicable)

Bank Statement / Living Cost:

US$ 10,000 or equivalent

Thai Embassy Fees:

US$ 82


β€’ Alternative Entry Pathways(Certificates/Diplomas) β€’ Undergraduate Degrees β€’ Postgraduate Degrees / Diplomas / Certificates β€’ PhD. Programmes