There are more than 800 educational institutes in Turkey, with an aggregate enlistment more than one million, which is only a demonstration of the way that degrees from schools in Turkey can provide professional opportunities. With significant programs in Economics, Computer Engineering, Psychology, Travel Management, Industrial Engineering, International Relations, Graphic Design, Public Relations and Advertising, Language and Literature, Music, International Logistics Management, Industrial Design, Architecture, Mathematics, Cinema and Television and Business Administration, there are many reasons to apply for higher studies in Turkey.

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There are nearly 200 universities in Turkey, majority of them are controlled by Government. Most of these institutions are comparatively young; as newly as 1970. Ten universities of Turkey are included in . . . Read more

• Business and Management
• Banking and Finance
• Engineering
• Information Technologies
• International Relations
• International Trade
• Tourism and Hospitality

In Turkey, an international student who is studying in university can officially work at most 24 hours/week. To be able to work officially in Turkey while you are still studying, you need your visa status to be changed a little bit and get a working permit. So, to be entitled to work while studying in Turkey, you need to apply to your country’s embassy or consulate in Turkey to make the necessary changes. It is a simple process, but still takes some legwork.

  • College admission letter
  • Photographs
  • Previous educational transcripts/certificates
  • Sufficient funds
  • Valid IELTS/ TOEFL score
  • Valid passport


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